May 7, 2019

Inspire 8 June For PPC’s

This is an opportunity for PPC’s to take time out and reflect on how they can be more discerning about their Pastoral Planning.We will be focusing on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration that the Spirit gives us to grow as servant leaders.Saturday 8th June - email […]
March 4, 2019

Children’s Liturgy – Parish Resources for Lent

You can download these for your parish groupChildren's Liturgy LENT 2019Children's Liturgy Palm Sunday 2019
March 4, 2019

LIVING WORD Parish Resource for Lectio Divina

You can download these for your parish group. There are 5 Sessions for Lent.LIVING WORD PPTLIVING WORD LENT 1LIVING WORD LENT 2 SPLIVING WORD LENT 3LIVING WORD LENT 4LIVING WORD LENT 5
May 25, 2018

Open Evening on the World Meeting Of Families – Rowlagh Parish

May 25, 2018

Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Parish

Picture a parish that is a family which is a gathering of many nations.  It is a place where all enjoy each other’s company and are accepted for who they are; where there is no distinction between race, colour, language or heritage.  Is such a place a fantasy? Despite the vast […]
May 25, 2018

Stewardship – A useful Resource

What do we mean by “stewardship”? A Christian steward recognises God as the source of all, and knows that we will be held accountable for how we used the gifts entrusted to our care. This little handout can be used in parishes or by individual to take a moment on how […]
May 25, 2018

I can Make a Difference – A few reflections for You/th

I Can Make a Difference - A few reflections for You/th is a collection of reflections for different situations that focus on how our faith in action makes a difference. Enjoy and share!!Reflections just for you th
May 25, 2018

Let’ Talk Family – Family Matters

Over the next number of Thursday until the end of June in the Pastoral Centre, beside Clondalkin Village Church we will be holding a number of inputs / discussions  on issues that affect families. These are free and open to every one to attend. Spread the invite!31st May  – Keeping […]
May 25, 2018

Exam time Again!!

Exam season is upon us again and we spare a thought and say a prayer for all those sitting exams at this time (and for their families)!Here's a few things that may be useful - Prayer for Card ExamsPrayer for Exams Poster 2018exam prayer card 2018 for printing
May 25, 2018

Ecumenical Bible Week & Scripture Resources

Here are a few resources that were used during this Year's Ecumenical Bible WeekPrayer Card Youth EBW 2018 - PosterScripture Prayer Resource - EBW 2018EBW 2018 Youth Prayer Bookmark 1Cultivating the Heart to Listen at the Eucharistic Table LeafletThe Road to Emmaus- A Reflection for MinistryWhat is the Eucharist LeafletYouth […]
March 15, 2018

PPC further training module

Look here if you want to further your understanding of working together for Mission:   Parish Pastoral Councils presentation    
March 15, 2018

Pastoral Aids for WMOF small groups

Here you can find six presentations to use to facilitate small groups: The Reality of Family Life Today   The Christian Vision for the Family   God's Dream for Love     God's Mercy - No One Excluded   A Gospel of Hope for our Families     Married Love […]
March 15, 2018

PPC training resources

Click here to get access to PPC resources 1st Outline Partnership 2nd Inservice for PPC 3rd PPC Training - PLANNING
November 25, 2015

Scripture Advent Calendar – 2015

Walk Advent with the Scriptures Here is a simple Advent Scripture calendar for this year with the scripture reading for each day and a simple reflection. You can download from here - Advent Calendar 2015 1
June 3, 2014

The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults

The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults     The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is a new resource from the Irish Episcopal Conference, designed to facilitate adult faith development. It is due for publication on Thursday, 12 June.   The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that it is  ‘meant […]
April 25, 2013

Basic Training for parish Funeral teams

Funeral Teams Training Training for parish funeral teams will take place on Thursday 9th May - 7:30-9:30 - Holy Cross Diocesan Centre. To book call Grainne - 01 8087554 or email -
April 22, 2013

Parish Pastoral Council Review

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL REVIEW   Being part of a Parish Pastoral Council is a challenging task. Hopefully, there will be times in the life of any Pastoral Council when the members feel they are achieving something; there will be other times when they feel ‘stuck’. This is a normal pattern […]
December 10, 2012

Guidelines for Prayer in Parish Pastoral Councils

Guidelines for Prayer in Parish Pastoral Councils Adapted from Prayer for Parish Groups by Dónal Harrington and Julie Kavanagh  Introduction “If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do the builders labour” Psalm 127 Praying together is the heartbeat of every parish group. If there is no prayer, […]
October 23, 2012

Adult Initiation – Rite of Christian Initiation

Adult Initiation - Rite of Christian Initiation (Prepared by Fr. Dermot Nestor for The Messenger Magazine) Most Irish people were baptised as infants.  That is what we are most used to.  However the situation is changing on two fronts.  Firstly there are some parents who choose not to have their […]
September 13, 2012

Parish Pastoral Councils

Parish Pastoral Councils:   “The parish community is the focal point of faith development in all its forms. Initial proclamation, Christian initiation, catechesis, religious education, new evangelisation and theological reflection all find a home with the parish community. The task of catechesis and faith development generally underpins the other principal […]