Foundational Leadership Programme – Sign Up 2020

Foundational Leadership Programme – Sign Up 2020

We need a new generation of Young Adult Leaders to continue the mission of Jesus Christ.

Are you… ... prepared to get “off your couch” and make a difference with your life? ...

Be a leader. ...Be the difference in your world.  

Some Background. (View Info Flyer - FLP Newsletter)
The Foundational Leadership Programme offers participants a unique opportunity to explore and develop Gospel centred transformational leadership Skills. These skills can be readily applied to the participants own context.

The programme is a mix of input (blended learning) from highly experienced experts, reflective practices, mentoring, journaling, spiritual accompaniment, workshops and social immersion. Participants are required to produce a learning log as part of an overall portfolio to serve as a framework for integrative practice. This programme endeavours to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to be Gospel centred transformational leaders and change agents within their own parishes, communities. Remote learning and online support have been essential parts of the programme since the beginning. 

FLP The Foundational Leadership Programme is run jointly between the Catholic and Church of Ireland Dioceses of Dublin. It will be based mainly in St. Paul's Church, Arran Quay. It is uniquely placed to nurture and mission a new generation of faith leaders. Commitment will be one Saturday per month starting in October.

Who can take part?

Most of our graduates from Foundational Leadership Programme have come from a variety of experiences. Some are part of parish groups and sponsored by their parish, others are teachers or young professionals who wish to add to their experience of faith and leadership. Almost all of our graduates have taken their experience of the course and applied it to their lives.

If you would like to take up this challenge, get in touch. If your parish is looking to do some long term planning and work with young people, ideally this course is tailored to suit young people who will be given extra responsibility in their local Church.

When does it start? November 14 (new students will be invited to attend the graduation of the 2019-20 group on 17 October - subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

To Pay (€100)Check payable to Archdiocese of Dublin or online- Click to Pay

How do I Sign Up? Register Here -Here

Contact us @

Email - - with your name, contact details and your parish/group/community that you will represent - then you will receive further details on the course. 

Information for Parishes - Parish Info for FLP 

Enrol Early

Dates for 2020 - course will commence in October (all subject to Covid-19 Restrictions)

  • 14 November 
  • 5 December 
  • 16 January 
  • 20 February 
  • 20 March 
  • April - Retreat-Graduation 


Watch our Promotional Video from 2019 (Due to Covid 19 we were unable to update!)