ROSARY MEDITATIONS FOR MAY starting on the 1st May 2020

ROSARY MEDITATIONS FOR MAY starting on the 1st May 2020

Rosary Meditations for May 2020

Pope Francis’ letter for May 2020 encourages all of us to “rediscover the beauty of praying the Rosary at home in the month of May.”

Letter of Pope Francis

Starting on the 1st May we will offer a daily reflection.
Please tune in and join us.


May 1  

What is the Rosary - in 2 mins!

May 2 Easter Prayer Brother Rodger

May 3 The Glorious Mysteries based on the Road to Emmaus

4th May Rosary Meditation Dont be Alarmed

5th May rosary meditation: Looking for Jesus who was crucified

Our Plan May Not be God s Plan May 6th

Look beyond what our eyes can see May 7th

What is the Meaning of the Ascension? May 8

Ways of Looking Reflection 9 May

10 Rosary Reflection May 10

11 11TH MAY ROSARY MEDITATION: After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them….

12 12th May: Rosary Meditation – Now He is seated at the right hand of God……

13 13th May Rosary meditation - He gave gifts

14 Rosary Reflections ; The Ascension 14 May

15 Rosary Reflection 15 May; Pentecost

16 Rosary Meditation 16 May All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit

17 Rosary Meditation 17 May They began to speak…

18 Rosary Reflection 18 May- Pentecost

19 The Fruits of the Spirit 19th May

20 I Proclaim Reflection May 20

21 The Power of the Holy Spirit May 21 Reflection

22 Assumption of Mary, Coronation of Mary An Introduction, May 22

23 Hail Mary Meditation 23 May

24 Full of Grace Meditation 24 May

25 Blessed Are You 25 May

26 Mary Our Mother

27 Sharing the Joy May 27

28 Rosary Reflection 28th May; The Assumption

29 Rosary Reflection 29th May

30Rosary Meditation ; Waiting For Mary 30 May

3131st May Rosary Mediation – The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole world