Checklist for Traveling


 Travel Lightly—Travel Wisely! - Keep Checking Back to this page.... as it will be updated as new information arrives.


  • You will be allowed to bring x bag check in bag - on-board bag also.
  • Sleeping Bag—and Mat


  • Group tee-shirt
  • Sun hat, rain coat (yes it will be warm—but it could rain too.
  • Towel (Swim suit also)
  • Light clothes, cotton socks, underwear, nightwear
  • Comfortable runners/shoes/sandlal—there will be plenty of walking!
  • Empty plastic bag for your dirty clothes—in case you need to go to a laundret
  • You can buy some detergent to wash clothes too!

Toiliteries and Medicine

  • Note: - re toiletries—100ml for the flights is the maximum. (Many of these can be purchased at the airport to avoid restrictions) no sharp objects.
  • Bring any medication that you need.
  • Inhalers—if required.
  • Sun cream.lotion/ after sun
  • Shampoo, toothpaste, brush, shower gel, toilet bag, baby wipes, hand sanitizer,
  • Plasters
  • Lip balm
  • Insect repellent suitable for Central America
  • Dioralyte (solution salt & water)
  • Motilium—(upset stomach)
  • Imodium


  • Sunglasses
  • Portable Fan—handheld (optional)
  • Small FM radio (not your phone) essential to listen to translations—Pope Francis will only speak in Spanish!)
  • Adaptor plug and phone charger.
  • Do check with your phone provider—Roaming and Data is very expensive—switch off or arrange a package before you travel.
  • WiFI is not guaranteed
  • Musical Instrument (optional) however Irish music and singers will be very welcome!
  • Items for swapping (eg little inexpensive Irish trinkets/gifts)
  • Small Irish Flag—(but no Pole!)
  • Spanish Phrases—or App
  • Small gift for your host family

We recommend that you do not bring valuable items. If you do they are your own responsibility.


  • Local currency is Panama Dollar—but US Dollar is also accepted.
  • Spending money—we recommend you have a budget of around $10/15 dollars per day.
  • (During WYD your flight, accommodation—with families in parish– and WYD meals are covered. However there will be some days where you will have to purchase your own food, or snacks, drinks or emergencies)



  • Passport—you will be required to keep your passport on you in Panama. We recommend bringing a photocopy of it also.

Travel Insurance is your responsibility and you will need it. You will need to have a copy of the relevant info when you travel

Time Keeping

It is important that all pilgrims and leaders pay attention about time keeping, meeting times and locations. It is the pilgrims responsibility to follow directions of the leader.

It is a pilgrimage and not a holiday, so be prepared to rest and rise early!

General Information

  • If you are taking your mobile phone, please be sure to check that it has international roaming and that you speak with your server re costs and package plans in advance—if you don’t you will have a huge bill!
  • Ensure you have sufficient credit
  • Agree with your family before you leave how often you will be in contact with them.
  • In case of emergency the Pilgrimage Leaders can be contacted. There phone numbers are in this booklet and on
  • WYD Panama—can be contact on www……
  • Irish Consul is…..

What if I get Lost?

The address of our parish - will be posted here in Decembner 2018

If you do get lost—please do not call home first! The can cause unnecessary worry, your group might be just around the corner.


  • We are a small group so it is important for everyone to watch out for each other. Keep a friendly eye out for other pilgrims too.
  • Ensure you agree a way of keeping in touch with your group.
  • The WYD Team will have daily info sessions outlining what will happen each day.
  • Become familiar with your environment, be vigilent and aware of your own safety.
  • Note there might be technical difficulties with phones during WYD due to huge numbers so please have a back up method of communication.