November Information for WYD Panama Pilgrims

November Information for WYD Panama Pilgrims


15 November 2018

Pilgrims attending WYD with the Archdicoese of Dublin need to note the following:


  • Payment Deadling in Full - 26 November - Tickets will be printed during this week. Failure to complete payment will incur a penalty on tickets that is beyond our control.
  • If you need to return a document to us as part of your registration use this link to download and return to us 

    Registration and Documents For WYD – Check List


  • 30 November - We have an optional extra - some of our pilgrims will participate on a soup run - meeting in St. Paul's 6:30 @pm and then we will partner some other young adults who lead a regular soup run on Fridays.
  • 1 December - We request all pilgrims to attend our first joint preparation programme. We will run our   ANCHOR

    course programme for all pilgirms attending Panama. We invite you to arrive in St. Paul's on Saturday 1st at 9:00am for coffee and programme. Bring a packed lunch and something to share with others. Also suitable clothes for walking outside - as we will also participate on a mini pilgrimage during the programme. We will conclude with Mass @5:00pm and finish by 6:00 pm. The ANCHOR programme will be led by some of our voluteer pilgrim leaders and guests.

  • Monday 7th January @7:00 p.m. we will gather in St. Pauls Church, Arran Quay for our final practical meeting before our departure the following week.

Checklist and Getting Ready - we have prepared a list of items for you to consider bringing/packing - it will be updated regularly - view it here - Checlist  

Health  You will have to obtain suitable Comprehensive Travel Insurance before traveling to Panama. You may be asked to leave a copy with the Office for Evangelisation and Ecumenism before you travel. Please note the official insurance package provided for participants does not cover the full duration of World Youth Day activities in Panama.

  • You should guard against possible heat exhaustion and sunstroke, as it will be hot and at times wet in January in Panama. You should wear appropriate clothes, including headgear, suncream, stay hydrated and also use insect repellent. 

What is expected of Every Pilgrim & Code of Conduct @WYD 2019 - HERE

If you are fundraising for WYD - You can download this document and write in your name - Fundraising Document