100 Days to Go – key information needed from Pilgrims

100 Days and counting to WYD Panama


We are sending you a copy of the following letter

Dear Pilgrim

With approximately 100 days till our departure to World Youth Day I just wanted to touch base with all pilgrims.

Your Booking and Payment

Each pilgrim’s bookings details are different. However all pilgrims will need to be paid in full by end of November2018.

Personal Information I now need to get everyone to complete a full registration form. Some details are missing and we need them. Attached is a simple form, please complete and return by 26th October (or earlier)Application Form 2018 Oct 2018


We will be issuing tickets in November for the dates 18-30th January as per our package. Any changes to these dates will incur a cost to you as a pilgrim.


Our Pastoral Programme will commence with our leadership training. A dedicated weekend will be planned in November also. Everyone must try to be available for this. However we will run a series of Monday evenings due to those who work at weekends.


All pilgrims will be safeguarded. Please return the attached information. Revised Parish Template Invitation Form & 

Proof of Identity Check List

Passport, Visa and Injections

We are requesting a photocopy of your passport. Your passport needs to be in date within three months of entry and exit of Panama. Also you will need to check if you personally need a Visa or Injections for Panama (Each person needs to take responsibility for this as its personal and particular to each pilgrim) This link is useful ,https://www.dfa.ie/travel/know-before-you-go/

GDPR - New Consent Form

Consent Form - Print and Return

Terms and Conditions Data Protection Summary WYD