Parish Pastoral Councils

Parish Pastoral Councils:   “The parish community is the focal point of faith development in all its forms. Initial proclamation, Christian initiation, catechesis, religious education, new evangelisation and theological reflection all find a home with the parish community. The task of catechesis and faith development generally underpins the other principal tasks of the parish. In parish, the adult members of the local faith community, together with their children and young people, seek to support one another in faith and to grow continually in understanding, sharing and living that faith.” Share the Good News 130   To assist and support the ongoing work and renewal of Parish Pastoral Councils, some of the following resources might be helpful. If you would like to make an appointment or receive more support, get in touch with us on Tel: 01 8373732 - ext 251. Email:   Writing guidelines For A Parish Pastoral Council Communication and Prayer Introduction of the members of the Parish Pastoral Council to the Parish community Parish Information For Parish Council Members Criteria for selecting members of the Parish Pastoral Council Nomination Form for membership of Parish Pastoral Council Selecting Members of the Parish Pastoral Council