Welcome to the Office for Evangelisation and Ecumenism

The Office for Evangelisation and Ecumenism promotes an understanding of evangelisation. It provides catechetical resources and strategies to implement a diocesan vision of evangelisation. The office is charged with giving a particular priority to the spiritual care and evangelisation of young people, offering to work with agencies inside and outside the Archdiocese that have a remit in this area. The office is also responsible for developing practical ways of helping families, the fundamental basis for passing on faith to the young.

The work of the Office for Evangelisation and Ecumenism reflects the nature, mission and responsibility of the Church in the modern age. Evangelisation is the mission of the Church. Ecumenism is a movement within the Church. The ultimate goal of ecumenism and evangelisation are the same; that all be one in Christ.

Our Purpose To witness to Jesus Christ and His Gospel through promoting lifelong learning in faith, building faith communities and discerning innovative ways to engage with contemporary culture. Evangelisation Team Fr. Kieran McDermott, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation & Ecumenism. kieran.mcdermott@dublindiocese.ie Gerard Gallagher – ggallagher@abhouse.org Rosemary Lavelle – rlavelle@abhouse.org Sr Éibhlís NicUaithuas DC – evangelisation@dublindiocese.ie Mary Dent  - evangelisation@dublindiocese.ie Siobhan Tighe - siobhan.tighe@dublindiocese.ie Michelle Manley - michelle.manley@dublindiocese.ie Eileen Houlahan, CHF, PhD Director Pathways Programme ehoulahan@dublindiocese.ie ( Tel: 01-8373732 Ext 251  Fax: 01-8571668 ) Office for Evangelisation & Ecumenism       Holy Cross Diocesan Centre       Clonliffe Road       Dublin 3 Email:  evangelisation@dublindiocese.ie Web: www.evangelisation.ie www.facebook.com/dublinevangelisation The Young Church - Facebook page   www.facebook.com/goodnewstogo     Email your Evangelisation Idea: If you have an idea that you would like to suggest to us that might support evangelisation in the Archdiocese please email us and provide us with your contact details – Email: evangelisation@dublindiocese.ie